Our World in Numbers: Animals

An Encyclopedia of Fantastic Facts


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An Encyclopedia of Fantastic Facts

Learn about everything in the animal kingdom with this book of extraordinary figures and number-based facts for children aged 9-12!

Put the fun back into learning and take children on a number-crunching journey around the animal kingdom. From colossal mammals to tiny insects and everything in between, learn all about your favorite animals with more than 1,000 weird and wonderful numbers.

Our World in Numbers: Animals will have you impressing your family and friends like never before with mind-blowing facts and stats on a vast range of different animal species, such as bees, sharks and crocodiles! Children aged 9-12 will number-crunch their way around the animal kingdom, discovering everything from the age of the world’s oldest animal and which bird has the most feathers, to which snake has the longest fangs and how long a tiger sleeps in a day.

This animal book of fantastic figures offers:

– More than 1,000 astonishing animal facts for children aged 9-12.
– Different topics divided by 5 chapters, invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptile, birds and mammals.
– Eye-catching double page features, including vibrant photographs and graphics for every topic.
– Fun and surprising information on more than 80 topics to engage children in the world around them.

This data-packed adventure through the animal world is filled with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your favourite animals, with full-page photographs and fun, colorful images, wacky animal fact-bites and funky figures to become an animal expert!

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