On This Day: A History of the World in 366 Days



Journey through the history of the world, one day at a time!

If you ever wondered what happened on your birthday 100 years ago, or on Christmas in the year 800 or even Halloween several years ago, then this history book is perfect for you!

Discover what happened on each day of the year with this fascinating visual adventure through time.

Unlike other history books, On This Day looks at ancient history and fascinating facts, as well as modern events, so everyone will be entertained.

Filled with historical photographs and quirky illustrations that visualize the events of the past on a day-to-day basis, this non-fiction fact book is a fun way for parents and educators to teach kids about historical events.

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Weight 1160 g
Dimensions 24.1 × 19.2 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 376
ISBN 9780241471203

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