Oleanders in the Wind



OLEANDARS IN THE WIND was first published in 1976. It was a bestseller that launched its author into a writing career. Now thirty-four years on the book is still valid and in demand, hence its reissue.

This is a novel of Gozo and the Gozitans who had forged a life-style of their own throughout time, which was both simple and unique but lacked progressive trends. This presents a challenge to an altruistic medical doctor who sets out to work amongst Gozitan villagers and taking this as a mission to elevate their lot to modern levels. He wins the love and respect of all, but only to find out that all along his people could still be swayed by misconceptions like the oleanders when battled by the wind.

Against the bakground of the picturesque island of Calypso, so presented that one can feel the sun shimmering on its white stone, a moving story is mounted. It is teeming with passions, guilts, romance, and folkloristic beliefs, which still boil beneath the calm and simple face of Gozo. There are moments when the story can even jerk a tear or two, but these will turn into tears of joy as the story gathers momentum and explodes into a magnificent climax.

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