Official Pokémon Fiction: Power Up Psyduck

Official Pokémon Fiction


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Join Ash and friends for another action-packed Pokemon adventure!

Psyduck’s powers can blow Team Rocket out of the water, but it isn’t the easiest Pokemon to look after…

Join the Pokemon-masters-in-training as they learn all about Psyduck’s unique history, from when he first met Misty to his latest challenge – a battle like no other.

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Book 1: Ash’s Big Challenge
Book 2: Pokemon Peril
Book 3: The Orange League
Book 4: Scyther vs Charizard
Book 5: Race to Danger
Book 6: Show Time!
Book 7: Power Up Psyduck
Book 8: The Winner’s Cup
Book 9: The Pokemon School
Book 10: Alolan Challenge
Book 11: Adventure on Treasure Island
Book 12: Old Friends, New Battles
Book 13: Pokemon Unknown
Book 14: The Chikorita Challenge

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 19.8 × 12.9 cm
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ISBN 9781408357279
Pages 108

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