Nostalgias of Gozo

Images from the 1880s to the 1930s (Hardcover)


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What they said about Giovanni Bonello’s Nostalgias of Malta:

Giovanni Bonello, who certainly needs no introduction to all book lovers in Malta, and beyond… was certainly the right person to be entrusted with the presentation of an interesting selection of Fürst photographs. A great collector himself to everything that falls under the very wide umbrella of Melitensia, he had already published a brief biographical sketch of the artist… Bonello couldalso write out the well-researched introduction in his own entertaining bu academicaly sound style. Bonello has done precious work in drawing up a biography of Geo Fürst… a connoisseur himself of things beautiful… The real bonus lies in the ppictures of views outside the main conurbation which are relatively so scare to find. Louis J.Scerri, The Sunday Times.

Giovanni Bonello, popularly knows as Vanni, has regaled us with another delicacy in his repast of publications, but with a difference… he has invited his readers to participate in the enjoyment of the excellent oeuvre of one of the best photographers our island has hosted: Geo Fürst, who practically has no equal. Bonello confessed that Fürst work was so extensive that he had to leave unpublished four photos out of five. Let us hope that he will make amends by publiishing he rest! Albert Ganado, Melita.

Bonello outlines the seemingly improbable relationship of this German photographer with British dominated Malta, to whch he came as a diplomatic secretary… Fürst’s love for this island is rendered most tangibly in his photographic legacy. Looking at these images, one soon feel a kind of affinity with the man who made them, bcause both photographer and sentimntally moved by them. … For Fürst, they probably also exorcised the fear that he would one day made to leave. … The photographs testify to a deeply intimate involvement betwen subject and photographer. Joe Azzopardi, Vigilo.

 Nostalgias of Malta  is the name of a most beautiful book published yesterday by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti. This is the work of Judge Giovanni Bonello who for several months worked on this volume which, through the medium of pictures, recounts the history of one of the eras of our country. Joe Mikallef, In-Nazzjon Taghna.

This book therefore is important because it reinstates Fürst in our collective memory. Apart from that it is a signal addition to the works issued in recent years that capture the image of malta that has been transmogrified, a Malta that existed before the air force of the country Fürst loved as much as Malta had destroyed a good portion of it and before greed masked as development had changed it even more drastically tha German an Italian bombers had donne… This fine selection of Fürst pictures… Above all, we are grateful to Giovanni Bonello for his usual graer care in the compilation of the volume and for his timulating biographical-critical introduction to it. Paul Xuerb presenting the book.

As soon as I scanned through Nostalgias of Malta, a handsome collection of images of the Maltese Islands taken between the first and the second World Wars, I immediately realized a very interresting fact- that these photographs are probably the first comprehensive social dicumentary account of life in Malta between the two wars… Fürst main objective was to photograph the ethnic, the exotic and the mundane, which he documents with great artistry… I crave to go through his whole pictorial enterprise as homage to this great photographer to whom we owe a great deal showing us Malta in the past. Patrick Fenech, The Malta Independent on Sunday.

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