No, Honourable Minister

Memoirs of a Senior Maltese diplomat



‘Almost everybody likes him; not a few fear him. Evarist Saliba is a multitalented man in whom personal charm and a resinous negotiating method combine to a scintillating degree.
Although he has represented Malta since the beginning of the permanent European Conference between East and West, and therefore can be called a CSCE veteran, he has not
shown any signs of weariness… Saliba attains high form especially when his strivings concern Mediterranean interests. Then he is able —— as lately shown in Madrid — to block the
finalisation of agreements for weeks.’ Werner Adam Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung, 10 February 1984

‘As one reads through the book one comes across remarks and episodes which show that serving the State as a civil servant may at times not be an easy job. I have always maintained
that an efficient civil service is the backbone of any functioning, true democracy and that when civil servants do not live up to the combined ethical standards of honesty and loyalty,democracy may be in jeopardy. Reading the book confirmed my convictions.’ Edward Fenech Adami President of Malta

‘No, Honourable Minister is a must read for all those, including students of hisory and diplomacy, who want to understand better Malta’s experience as a sovereign state implementing a independent foreign policy. Through Saliba’s account the reader gains a better perspective of Malta’s struggle to establish its relevance in the international sphere, its successes and its often selfe-imposed failures.’ Joseph Pirotta

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