My Phonics 1: The Alphabet

Activity Book


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Activity Book

My Phonics provides young learners with the appropriate tools to sound out words in a fun, stress-free way! By understanding how to break down the sounds of words, young learners will become both efficient readers and spellers.

My Phonics is a high quality 5-level phonics programme designed to teach a phonics first and fast approach.

  • High quality systematic, synthetic phonics method, helping young learners to decode print and become fluent readers and spellers
  • Wealth of inviting and appealing activities, making the learning of phonics easy, enjoyable and memorable
  • Multi-sensory approach catering for different learning styles(visual-auditory)
  • Methodical blending and segmenting activities
  • Gradual presentation of sight words (most frequent words that do not necessarily or completely conform to grapheme/phoneme correspondence rules)
  • Catchy chants and songs based on traditional tunes
  • Development of phonemic strategies through cumulative stories and texts
  • Regular and effective assessments
  • Variety of fun activities and games

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