Moonlight Mischief (Star Friends 7)


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In this latest Star Friends adventure Sita, Mia, Lexi, Violet, and their Star Animals are tasked with finding out who—or what—is behind the mysterious midnight cleanup in their town. With black-and-white illustrations throughout.

When the residents of Westport enter the Best Small Town competition, they appear to have a helping hand–someone has cleaned up the town overnight! No one knows who has mowed the lawns and painted the fences, but the town is looking neater than ever. But then pets and toys start to disappear. The townspeople are upset and worried. Star Friends Sita, Mia, Lexi, and Violet suspect that once again, dark magic is involved. Together with their Star Animals, the girls will need to use all of their skills to solve this latest mystery.

In the Star Friends chapter book series, Maia and her friends Lexi, Sita, and Violet all discover that they are Star Friends — they can communicate with the animals that have traveled from the Star World. The animals show the girls how to use their unique magic abilities to do good. A whole world of magical adventures awaits!

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Pages 160
ISBN 9781788950374

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