Maritime Malta

photographs by Kurt Arrigo


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The sea and coastal areas have always been viewed by humans as places of intrigue, danger, threat and opportunity – they evoke fluid sentiments that develop and even change through time.  Islanders, more than any other people, have a special affinity to the sea. This wide open space is at once negative – a barrier that cuts them off from their neighbours; but also positive – providing the medium upon which people can travel to and from the island.  Around the special relationship that islanders have nurtured with the sea, a myriad of traditions, stories and beliefs have evolved.  Over their seven millenia of history, the Maltese Islands and their people have been shaped by the sea and all the allure it brings with it.  In this volume, stunning images and words are intricately woven into a unique narrative that is divided into sixthematic chapters.  This is THE sea story of Malta and Gozo as has never been seen and told before.

Together with the critically acclaimed publication ‘Grand Harbour Malta’, this is the second in a trilogy of books which are being published to celebrate the maritime heritage of the Maltese Islands.

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