Malta through Post-Cards

1900 - 1910

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There is a treasure trove of rare and early post-cards in private collections:  some are of outstanding interest and depict scenes and even events of the past, others concentrate on customs and costumes of the Maltese Islands.

Due to the fact that there is no National collection of post-card, we have made an effort to help the collector and indeed the dilettante observer to gain the access he needs or desires, through a publication in serial form.  This follows Giovanni Bonello and Graham Smeed’s ‘Malta Picture Post-card 1898-1906’ POST CARDS.  The work has been assembled by the knowledgeable collector Hadrian Wood from his own, and particularly the collections of Antoine Sceberass Trigona, Joseph Galea Naudi and Wilfred Pirotta who have enthusiastically co-operated in the preparation of this project.

This series will be the ultimate work of reference for those interested in the history, the charm and the art of the post card publisher depicting Malta and Gozo for nearly a hundred years.

This album contains 52 post-cards produced between 1900 and 1910.

They are well reproduced in the original shadings and colours and are exquisitely evocative of an age and a way of life which have long since been laid to rest.

Contents: 17 Malta views in monochrome;

20 Malta views in colour;

10 of country folk, costumes and customs in monochrome;

3 of country folk in colour;

2 commemorating events in monochrome.

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