Malta The Thorn in Rommel’s Side

Six months that turned the War


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Between June 1940 and December 1942, Malta was one of the most bombed places on earth. Of paramount strategic importance to the Allies ans Axis power alike, Malta became the besieged and battered arena for one of the most decisive transforned almost certain defeat into aerial tiumph in a battle now and acknowledged as the key to Allied vistory in North Africa and the subsequent invasion of southern Europe.

As commanding officer of the island’s top-scoring Spitfire squadron, Laddie Lucas experienced first-hand the daily pressures of incessant combat, hunger, disease and claustrophobic confinement on a remote island no bigger than the Isle of Wight. His personal and inspiring account is testimony on the people who stood firm at a time of terrible adversity – to the heroism and skill of the pilots who day after day fought to the limit of their endurance, to the tenacity and courage of the groundcrews who toiled to keep their planes flying and to the fortitude of the Maltese people whose indomitable spirit earned them the George Cross.

‘This book is a dramatic reflection of the hardships, the bravery and the determination to survive marking the worst year for Malta, its people and its garrison … Laddie Lucas’s humanity raises it above what one may expect from a straight war record’ The Sunday Time of Malta.

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