Malta Island of Christian Heroes – Life in the early 17th century

Life in the early 17th Century


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Malta – Island of Christian Heroes is a translation of the archaic German book Christliche Helden Insel Malta written by Johann Friedrich Breithaupt and published in 1632.  The book describes the journey to Malta via Italy and Sicily undertaken by Breithaupt and his two companions.  Once in Malta, the detailed description ranges from the landscape, the people and the fashion to the fortifications, the palaces and the election of a Grand Master.  Malta – Island of Christian Heroes was the most detailed description of the island until Gio. Francesco Abela published his Descrittione di Malta in 1647.
Thomas Freller is a German scholar and author who lives in Berlin and is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Mainz.  He has publishes several books on Maltese and Sicilian history.  Alfred Scalpello lectures in German at the University of Malta and has translated several literary works into Maltese.


  • The edition of ‘Christliche Helden Insel Malta‘ (p.1)
  • The author and his travel companions (p.1)
  • The sources of ‘Christliche Helden Insel Malta‘ (p.2)
  • The background to a Tour to Malta in 1624 (p.4)
  • A new phenomenon of travelling (p.7)
  • Some aspects of German links (p.14)
  • Early 17th century Malta and the foreign world: Reflections in Breithaupt’s ‘Christliche Helden Insel Malta‘ (p.17)
  • Breithaupt’s picture of life in Malta; Language, economy, religion (p.22)
  • Conclusion (p.22)
  • Malta, Island of Christian Heroes – the English translation (p.69)
  • Journey to the Island of Heroes, Malta (p.73)
  • Description of the Island Malta (p.74)
  • Valletta (p.79)
  • Going round the Island of Malta (p.115)
  • Index (p.125)

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