Lorenzo Manché and his Son Charles – Driven by Compassion



Lavishly illustrated with over 70 pages in full colour

Step into a world long forgotten—when Malta was beset with colonial arrogance, total reliance on the British fleet’s presence for livelihood, widespread poverty, and grossly inadequate public healthcare.

Experience the inspirational journey of Lorenzo Manché, a pioneer in the field of ophthalmology in Malta, and his son Charles who follows in his footsteps as an ophthalmologist. Their journey unfolds against the backdrop of a Maltese
society grappling with social, economic, and political challenges.

Witness their profound compassion as they embark on a noble philanthropic project—the Ophthalmic Institute of Malta—an instinctive response to a public health crisis, combatting the devastating spread of trachoma with free treatment to destitute patients afflicted by the life-changing disease, offering a beacon of hope to those most in need, and epitomising the true essence of their profession.

Engage with Lorenzo’s persuasive arguments as he extends his influence far beyond medicine, becoming a prominent figure in national discourse—fearlessly advocating for Maltese language preservation, proposing solutions to the emigration crisis, promoting skilled trades and agriculture, standing up for farmers and fishermen, and backing the push for self-government.

Discover the daunting challenges that test the limits of Lorenzo’s determination and resilience as he spearheads the efforts to erect Christ the King monument by the famous Maltese sculptor Antonio Sciortino commemorating the International Eucharistic Congress held in Malta in 1913.

Enter the tumultuous realm of Maltese politics in colonial times as Lorenzo enters politics in retirement and navigates the political landscape, driven solely by the common good, his love for his fellow citizens, and a burning desire to make a valuable contribution.

For Melitensia and medical history enthusiasts, this biography is a must-read. It goes beyond the ordinary with previously unpublished sources and materials—private correspondence, official documents, photographs and illustrations.

“This book certainly immerses the reader in a bygone world whose noble principles we aspire to, and whose enduring goals we strive to emulate in our everyday lives.”
Alex Manché, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

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