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Feel the Magic come to Life

Life Wizards Power cards are self facilitated playing cards, designed to teach kids (and grownups) how to deal with their thoughts and emotions in a fun and practical way.

They are made to be self facilitated so that kids can feel safe to explore their emotions without having to express themselves in an intimidating environment. They can also be a great tool for teachers and parents to facilitate conversations around difficult emotions.

The cards set out to teach essential life skills to help kids manage their emotions and deal with any situation easily so they can cope and thrive in their everyday lives.

  • Each character card represents a specific emotion and the steps to take to move from a negative feeling to a positive one.
  • The cards are double sided. On the front side is the negative emotion and the steps outlining the process to deal with that emotion, and then on the back of the card is the positive emotion which becomes the goal to achieve.
  • Each side has an acronym to make it easy to remember the steps, so if your child’s cards are not with them, they can just remember the acronym.
  • The positive side of each card has it’s very own emotion potion with empowering words to train our brain to build a positive narrative – we call this positive self-talk!
  • There are 18 double sided character cards comprising of 36 emotions.
  • The Mirror Card which teaches kids that they have the power to choose how they wish to feel every day.

What skills will my child learn?

  • Through the cards, kids will learn: 
  • How to process their thoughts and feelings 
  • To become more self aware, 
  • To build a positive narrative through positive self talk 
  • To practice acknowledgement and Self Acceptance
  • Mindfulness
  • Self control
  • The power to choose and how to trust their choices
  • Empathy for themselves and others
  • Accountability
  • To build up their self esteem and a healthy mindset
  • To shift from negative thoughts to positive ones with ease
  • The art of self love and self empowerment
  • These skills will empower them to know how and when to take action and help them break limiting beliefs about themselves


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The cards are also supported through life coaching quests especially designed for kids and tailored to their individual needs.


Who is behind these cards?

Lauren Ballester is a life coach with a special interest in children’s behaviour who founded Life Wizards Academy as a place to teach children life skills in an engaging, practical and fun way! Focusing on emotional and behavioral tactics, Life Wizards works on guiding children to not only feel their emotions, but understand them. 

Primarily inspired by her own children and the challenges they have faced as part of life’s growth and development experience, coupled with the increase of new parenting challenges and increased childhood anxiety and depression that arose from the global pandemic, Lauren developed Life Wizards as a system for children to cope and thrive in their environments by understanding their emotions and knowing what to do with them. Through her work with children, Lauren hopes to also inspire and empower the adults in their lives. It is never too late to learn new skills that not only could strengthen your own emotional intelligence, but provide you with tools to be the best resource for your child! With a multi-level system that is proven to help children through all walks of life, they’ll soon be able to recognize that they have their own superpowers, much more powerful than the ones in the movies! Life Wizards is built on providing real life power, to real life children, one step at a time!

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