Island Faces

Four Novellas From Malta


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Lino Spiteri observes and absorbs a factuality that bears the tell-tale signs of Social Degeneration…

Mario Azzopardi

In his vision of the world Spiteri puts much emphasis on describing the action as a means of depicting his characters, who sometimes appear morally ambiguous…

Charles Briffa

Spiteri’s world is harsh, hard and guilt-ridden. It is often horrific, but never not tender and compassionate, however implicitly…

Francis Ebejer

Spiteri dissects power from the experience of both those who have it and those who are at its mercy…

Dominic Fenech

Spiteri has continued to probe ever deeper into problems of psychology and class. With his background and his dedication to the art he has opened a niche for himself among the most important short story writers in the history of Maltese literature.

Victor Fenech

Spiteri’s short story is often simultaneously explainable both through a Maltese and through an anonymously human reiteration…

Oliver Friggieri

To break out from the constricting prison of their own thoughts, Spiteri’s victims often choose the mental or psychological rape of their cherished personal honesty and human integrity…

Daniel Massa

Wild Clover, I suspect, will become a classic of our shorter fiction…

Paul Xuereb

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