Histories of Malta Travesties and Dynasties Vol 11 (Paperback)

Travesties and Dynasties


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What they said about Giovanni Bonello’s Histories of Malta Passions and Compassions – Volume Ten

A must for all Melitensia lovers. Judge Giovanni Bonello is unquestionably one of Malta’s most prolific and well-read authors.  He is an indefatigable researcher and the archives, particularly those  of the knights are Biblioteca in Valletta, are his favourite haunt when in Malta.  Judge Bonello’s time-management is astonishingly superb – how he manages to fit his writings on art and history with his legal work is for  me, and I am sure for many others, a mystery that I do not know how to unravel …Judge Bonello’s contribution to Maltese art and history has enormous.

One of his most outstanding achievements is to have made art and history appealing in a way few have succeeded in doing.  He has that rare gift of being popular and erudite at the same time.  Histories of Malta is Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti’s most sought after series of publications.  They are avidly read and treasured and quickly run out of print.  The first books have become collectors’ items and they sell well in auctions.  Charlene Vella in The Times

The 10th volume of any series of publications is a considerable achievement.  Such numbers speak of a lasting commitment towards one’s subject and indicate a process of assimilation by which the work of an author becomes an integral part of his existence.  With this series Giovanni Bonello has rightfully earned for himself the status of one of Maolta’s foremost historians.  He can be numbered among those who deserve to be carved as a telamon supporting the entablature of the temple of Maltese historical knowlege.

The synergy between text and illustration is a continuing characteristic of the Histories of Malta series … the articles are a kaleidoscope of people, places, smells, sounds and colours.  And faced with this torrent of information, the reader is at times enticed, at times amazed and at times overwhelmed – but always enriched.  Joe Azzopardi in Vigilio

In what is now the tenth volume of Giovanni Bonello’s highly successful series, the author shows that far from running out of interesting persons, themes or anecdotes to write about he keeps on finding topics that are more engrossing than ever … two of the chapters show the author writing as enjoyably as ever about warring and mayhem … a vivid account … are among the remaining chapters of this engrossing and, as ever, richly illustrated book.  in First – Christmas Special

Fresh light on the history of our nation and oure forefathers.  This is another extraordinarily rich volume which, once you begin exploring, keeps you pressing from one part to the other, with the time running at the speed of lightening.  It is another intriguing and exciting  volume that throws new light on various themes about which we had heard little or nothing, or if we had, we had for some reason, forgotten.

Without doubt what is very impressive is the fact that Judge Giovanni Bonello, with love and passion, spends long hours researching in some archive or other.  A toil and a commitment that are leaving encouraging results and serve as a stimulus to our researcher to persevere delving and eploring to ensure that the history of our nation and of our fathers becomes more complete.  Joe Micallef in In-Nazzjon

Giovanni Bonello’s Histories of Malta is a clear refutation of the saying that ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’.  For ten years now we have been regaled with volume after volume of what the author calls ‘microhistories’, odds and ends from dusty volumes which mainline historians have usually tended to ignore.

It is these facts that his inexhaustible curiosity secks after, nurtures them with deep research and presents them to us in a language that is straightforward and appealing, blessed with those rare commodities of with and gentle self-irony.  It is little wonder that the preceding nine volumes have received such an outstanding popular response.  This, the tenth in the series, will doubtlessly and deservedly be as well received.

Judge Bonello roams over many periods of Maltese history, always attracted by the unusual and the little known …if all this has not wetted your appetite, I do not know what will.  Louis Scerri in The Sunday Times

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