Geromino Stilton: The Race Across America


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Enter the world of Geronimo Stilton, where another funny adventure is always right around the corner. Each book is a fast-paced adventure with lively art and a unique format kids will love.

Geronimo’s hardly a sportsmouse, so why would someone send him handlebars? Join Geronimo on fur-raising ride across the United States! Along with his friend Bruce Hyena, Geronimo is about to cycle over 4,800 kilometres across deserts and mountains, in the famouse Race Across America. Cheese Niblets!

  • Over 160 million copies sold worldwide
  • Good for reluctant readers due to illustrative typeset
  • Educational edge as books contain facts about various places

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 19.8 × 12.9 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 112
ISBN 9781782268017

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