Food as ‘Voice’

Proceedings of History Week 2017


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Proceedings of History Week 2017

  • Noel Buttigieg and George Cassar, Editorial – Food: Concepts, values and significance, p. vii
  • Carmen Depasquale, The Table at the Magisterial Palace, at the Auberge de Provence and at the Holy Infirmary, p. 1
  • Christian Mifsud and Chantal Cassar, The market before ‘Is-Suq tal-Belt’: rediscovering the Knights’ Period market building in Valletta, p. 10
  • Ciro Romano, Cibo e vita quotidiana: Il caso del monastero napoletano dei Santi Pietro e Sebastiano nella prima eta’ moderna, p. 29
  • Evelyn Pullicino, Food: A voice from the Maltese nineteenth-century Criminal Court records (1838-1888), p. 40
  • Francesca della Ventura, A ‘voice’ of the Italian national identity: food as synonymous of italianita’ in the visual arts of the post-war period, p. 51
  • Noel Buttigieg and Kenneth Cassar, Serving the Inquisitor’s refined tastes: the kitchen complex at the Inquisitor’s Palace, p. 60
  • Gabriele Matino, Funerary memorialization and food offering at the Venetian Scuola Grande di San Marco, 1500-1600, p. 75
  • William Zammit, ‘Lands of Hunger’: food scarcity and famine in Early Modern Malta, p. 84
  • Panagiotis Zestanakis, Changing food cultures in 1980s Athens, p. 101
  • Yosanne Vella, The case of the slave cook who was accused of trying to poison her mistress, p. 110
  • Raluca Parfentie, Unwrapping history: Soviet candies, a bitter-sweet propaganda, p. 118
  • Mevrick Spiteri, 16th-19th century agro-industries in Malta: the case of the Salina in Burmarrad – managing land and people towards a production and acquisition of food produce, p. 131

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