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Learning first words in English has never been more fun with this pack of beautifully illustrated flashcards for children aged 6-9.

Make learning new vocabulary fun with these beautifully illustrated flash cards. Introducing 100 essential first words these cards are perfect for children beginning to learn English as a first or second language.

English for Everyone Junior: My First Words Flash Cards have been designed for children who are starting to read and speak English. Each beautifully illustrated card features an essential first word and an image on one side. On the reverse, just the image is shown so children can test their knowledge. Five additional cards are packed with suggestions for educational games and activities. Simple to use and fun, these flash cards are made of sturdy laminated cardboard and are suitable for young hands to play with again and again.

Interactive and engaging, these fun flash cards include:

-Each card features an essential first word and an illustration to help young learners memorize new vocabulary
-Illustration shown on reverse of card so children can test their knowledge
-Cards are colour-coded by word classes (nouns, verbs, and adjectives)
-Five bonus cards provide ideas for educational activities to play with the cards
Sturdy laminated cards prove ideal for young hands

This fun, educational pack of 100 flashcards functions as a stand-alone product for young learners who are starting to read and speak English, proving suitable for children who are learning English both as a first language and second language.

These fun flashcards for kids are ideal for Teachers of English as a foreign language seeking extra resources, as well as parents and grandparents looking to support their child’s education further.

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