Encyclopedia of Amazing Facts


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Packed with Incredible Things You’ll Want to Know!

A children’s encyclopedia with a difference, providing young learners aged 5+ with a wealth of knowledge in an accessible way.

Crammed with amazing bite-sized facts, fantastic photographs and detailed artworks, Junior Encyclopedia explains key concepts in a fun way to appeal to younger readers and support their learning at school.

  • Fun activities throughout to put learning into practice
  • Bite-sized information to hold your child’s attention
  • Amazing images to support children who learn well through visual prompt

Captions, picture annotations and special info panels provide extra information to reinforce your child’s understanding. Fun activities throughout help kids to engage with the facts and are especially good for hands-on learners, enabling them to recall the information at a later stage.


Encyclopedia of Amazing Facts covers the subjects of Space, Science, Planet Earth, Weather, Oceans, Dinosaurs, Bugs, Mammals, Birds, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Knights & Castles.

A STEM book

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Pages 160
ISBN 9781789895254

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