Eat your way out of cancer

The Alternative Way to Healing the Human Body using Anti-Cancerous Plant Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle



This book tries to unearth the underlying causes of chronic disease – it does not stop at just treating the symptoms of disease, as conventional medicine often does. This book’s main focus is the prevention and treatment of breast cancer:  mainly through diet and other lifestyle changes. But in fact, diet and lifestyle changes can also aid against many other non-communicable diseases, e.g. obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and other types of cancers. In most cases these diseases are “chronic” and “diet & lifestyle” related.

It may just well be the typical “Standard Westernized Diet” and “Unhealthy Lifestyles”, that are the primary causes of disease, including cancers. The scientific evidence collected in this book aims to verify this fact.

Humans have the anatomical and physiological features of herbivores, yet we have been brain-washed to eat both animal flesh and plants. Humans are omnivores by culture only, and although our meat-eating culture has developed a number of myths to bolster the claim that flesh-eating is “natural” or that we have “evolved” to eat meat:  Human anatomy clearly indicates otherwise.

Tens of thousands of research articles have been published, documenting the scientific proof of the link between diet and cancer survival. These studies show that animal-based, processed and refined foods increase the risk for disease, while a plant-based diet can prevent and even reverse diseases in humans.

A healthy diet can diminish our risk of disease and at the same time, build the human body’s defences. To the extent that such a diet and other lifestyle changes are put to use, we can hope to turn the tide in reducing the impact and burden that non-communicable diseases have made in relation to human health, within many worldwide nations.

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