Dandelion Readers, Set 1 Units 11-20


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Dandelion Readers are a series of decodable phonics based texts based on the progression of the Sounds-Write™ reading and spelling programme. They are primarily for Reception/Year 1 children.

The books have a step by step progression and can be used alongside any phonic programme. Each text is controlled by the phonemic focus in the book and enables the child to practise blending and reading independently at every stage. The texts are not based on repetitive sentences, thus ensuring the readers practise blending the sounds through the word.

The books can be used for groups or individuals. Each book includes a game to ensure stimulating practice of the skills and knowledge introduced at each level.
Dandelion Readers can also be used with reluctant readers in Key Stage 2. The Activity Packs are particularly useful for individual work with pupils experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of literacy.

Set 1 Units 11-20 introduces the consonant digraphs and simple two syllable words.

Unit 11: ch
Unit 12: sh
Unit 13: th
Unit 14: ck
Unit 15: ng
Unit 16: qu + ve
Unit 17: wh + 2 syllables
Unit 18: -ed 2 syllables
Unit 19: -ing + 2 syllables
Unit 20: -le + 2 syllables

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