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About Crossing
Music and visual art, merging together, forming beauty and colour. Both music and paintings expressing emotions and ideas, and working together to create something truly striking.
The soundscapes – developed from different sources of thought, from ambient electronic, Western classical to traditional world music – are created to be textural, compelling, evocative and meaningful.
The concept of Crossing assimilates the intersection of boundaries, may it be geographical, physical, intellectual or psychological.
  • The Tin Soldier’s Last Dance
  • Daruma Doll
  • Be the Change
  • Promethean Man
  • Crossing
  • Shades of Ember
  • Bell Ringer
  • Fifty Something
  • Frozen Glass
  • Frontier
  • When Stone comes to Life
  • Princes of Serendip
A Journey through Music and Visual Art
Music Composed by Simon Sammut
Visual Art by Anthony Catania
Artistic Associate – Tony Sammut
Artistic Advisor – Kevin Abela
Co-producer/ Technical Advisor – Melchior Busuttil
Featuring the following musicians:
Tony Sammut – Piano
Mark Attard – Piano
Melchior Busuttil – Drums, Percussion and Programming
Marc Galea – Classical & Electric Guitars
Jonathan Ellul – Electric Guitars
Kris Spiteri – Melodica
Kevin Abela – Trumpet
Ivan Borg – Tenor Saxophone
Godfrey Mifsud – Baritone Saxophone
Jesmond Azzopardi – Bass Trombone
Marlene Sammut – Voice
Simon Sammut – Upright Bass and Electric basses

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