Cross and Crescent

Malta, 1565


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It is 1565 and the war between Islam and Christianity has raged for centuries.  The Ottoman Empire’s power threatens to engulf  Europe.  But first Malta must be taken, and its defenders, the Knights of Saint John, annihilated.

This is the tale of one of those knights.

Banished from Malta after a dark episode that left him disgraced and heartbroken, Sir Thomas Barrett has fought for twenty years as a mercenary.  He is haunted by the memories of the events that led to his exile.

Now Malta is threatened by a vast Ottoman army and the Knights need every man that can wield a sword – including Sir Thomas.  With nothing to lose, he is willing to fight.  But Malta holds perilous secrets that threaten even the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England.  Only through great courage and perseverance can Thomas restore his faith in his country, his comrades and his love.

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