The Ships that Shaped the World


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Clippers were the ultimate refinement of the merchant sailing ship. For over a half century they dominated the ocean trade routes of the world. Clippers were the greatest wind-propelled vehicles ever, their seaworthiness and exceptional beauty was matched by the great speeds they reached. Designed and built for the fast transport of cargo, passengers and mail, they were admired as wondrous creations that reduced the time it took to reach the far corners of the earth.

Daniel Nolan’s comprehensive narrative records the achievements of famous clippers that raced round America, around the world, and from China to England with tea.

Clippers takes the reader into a world of heroes, heroines, villains, epic voyages, amazing feats, incredible drama and great tragedy.

Illustrated by over seventy pictures drawn from contemporary newspapers and records, Clippers evokes a bygone era of maritime achievement.

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