Captain Pug: The Dog Who Sailed the Seas


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On one very ordinary day Pug’s nose knows that breakfast is on its way.

And with breakfast, come crumbs – but not just any old crumbs, jam tart crumbs. Jam tarts are Pug’s favorite food, and he loves nothing more than to share them with his best friend, Lady Miranda. But just before Pug can finish the last jam tart, Lady Miranda picks him up and whisks him away for a sea-faring adventure. Unfortunately for Pug, it turns out that water may be his biggest fear!

To avoid the water, Pug takes a well-timed snack break. But when his brief respite takes an unexpected turn, Pug will have to find his true Captain self and steer a path back home.

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Dimensions 18.2 × 13 cm
Language English
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Pages 124
ISBN 9781408866368

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