Broken Wings


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An honest and moving account of a personal journey through illness and recovery, Michael Boffa’s poetic approach to this difficult subject is at once thoughtful, deep and disarmingly simple.

Its inexorable rhythm picks up the relentless pace of the illness and the hard climb to normality. The range of emotions involved is spectacular. He can be awestruck and childlike.

Do comets have a living soul?

Or are they spirits running free?

How I wish to share their goal

Is there a place up there for me?

He can be overwhelmed by the presence of the ‘beast’.

I sense close by some alien presence

Terror squeezes into my essence

The sound of rustling is now close

I freeze from head down to my toes!

With the uncanny simplicity he can also make the impossible sound simple.

I will find a ladder

And one night soon

We will be together

On the dark side the moon!

An adventure into the endless possibilities of life, this work sheds a frank and truthful light on a subject that is crying out for attention.

Ms. Anna Pullicino

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