BookLife Readers Level 11: My Brother is a Zombie!

Level 11 - Lime


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Number of Stories: 1
Number of Pages Per Book: 48
Number Of Words Per Page (Approx): 48-53
Mono or Polysyllabic: Not Applicable
Book Band Colour: Lime

Phonetically Decodable Readers

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Paige’s older brother Ollie used to be fun. But since he became a teenager, things have changed. Papa Chris thinks Ollie is just ‘becoming a man’ but Paige knows better. Armed with her trusty library book, a frying pan and some sausages, she sets out to discover the truth, but will she save Auntie Pippa’s wedding? And will her dads believe her in time?


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 21 × 14.8 cm
Year of publication
ISBN 9781839270239
Pages 48

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