Blood Rock

An age of brutality a time for heroes


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‘Thi is history – and terrific history – on every page’ FREDERICK FORSYTH

1565, Malta – and the greatest siege the world has ever known…

The legendary Hospitaller Knights of St. John stand alone on the island of Malta against the tide of Islam. The Ottoman Emperor, Suleiman the Magnificent, has sent the greatest armada that ever set sail to wipe them off the face of the earth. Time is running out. There is a traitor among them. Malta’s doom is sealed.

But one man will never yield. Englishman Christian Hardy will stop at nothing to save the island. With a band of close companions – the Moor, genius inventor of demonic weapons, hubert, would-be warrrior priest, the young orphan Luqa and Maria, the beautiful noblewoman who risks all to be with him – Christian must unmask the spy within, take a stand against an unbeatable enemy, and change the course of history…

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