Biological Concepts for Intermediate Level

Second Edition



How?’ ‘What?’ ‘Why?’ – With these words we begin our exploration of a world of unbelievable richness. This is really the aim of this book: to offer you the possibility to ask questions, so that you may better understand yourself and what surrounds you. Maybe we are biased, but what could be more fascinating than this? For this reason, each concept in this book is introduced by a question, which is then explored thoroughly.

Knowledge of biology illuminates everyday life, and is also crucial to the understanding of modern concerns and controversies such as environmental pollution, the spread of diseases and genetic engineering.

This book stems from our desire to help students see biology the way we do, and is thus designed to provide you with a resource that will make the study of biology easier and more enjoyable. It provides sufficient detail to meet the needs of the intermediate MATSEC syllabus, without making it too voluminous and complicated. We have tried to make the content clear and well-organised to help you with your studies, and to enhance your understanding of the subject.

This second edition also includes a set of revision questions for each chapter. WE believe that if you use the information provided in the text to answer these questions it would be a much better way of studying than just reading the text.

We sincerely hope that the challenge of studying biology will be as rewarding to you as the challenge of writing this book has been to us.

Karen & Robert

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