Ben Jinks – The War in Malta as I saw it



The epic story of the Siege of Malta has been recounted over and over again. Notwithstanding, Bernard Jinks’ diary provides a new and insightful perspective of the dark time. Publication was not on the author’s radar. He compiled it for his own sake. A personal memoire of an intense experience, a way of coping with the most intimate fears, frustrations and longings.

Effectively, Jinks personifies the sentiments of the population at large. For months on end, the future was masked by suffering and uncertainty, but he, like the rest of the people living in Malta and Gozo back then, never gave up hope. Lest we forget.

Edited by Col (retd) David Vassallo FRCSEd MA L/RAMC

Transcribed by David Vassallo and Fiona Vella

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Weight 1180 g
Dimensions 26 × 18.3 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 288
ISBN 9789918619368

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