Atlas of Military History

An illustrated global survey of warfare from antiquity to the present day


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With authoritative txt supported by hundreds of fascinating photographs and maps, Atlas of Military History takes the reader on an extraordinary journey from prehistoric conflicts employing rudimentary stone weapons to today’s hi-tech ‘War on Terror’ with its dependence on elite forces, drones and computer-guided missiles. It tells the remarkable stories of the great leaders – both men and women – who rallied vast armies into battle, whether it be Queen Boudicca inciting the Britons to rise up against Roman repression, or Alexander the Great conquering neighbouring lands to extend his formidable empire.

Atlas of Military History charts the causes and calamities of two World Wars and explores their legacies – including the Cold War and the emergence of the United States as a lone superpower – and brings the reader right up to date with recent terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies, as well as the dawn of the Arab Spring in the Middle East.

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