A Philosophy of Madness


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In life some of us seem to have little choice. We either have to comply to human convention or simply run the risk of loosing our minds completely! In trying our best to come to terms with mediocrity most of us gallantly attempt inducing a speck of better sense in our fellow humans. Sooner or later we may come to realize (hopefully not too late) that the undertaking is hardly worth our trouble. We may find find it indeed more uplifting to choose, simply and quietly, not to be held within the pathetic limitations imposed upon us and to liberate our minds, if not our bodies, by retaining a certain astute detachment from human orthodoxy. Can we actually preserve our senses in a world which seems to make its very best to drive us crazy? Can the ‘madness’ of dissent be rewarding and beneficial?

In this engaging book we can find some sensible advice and a helping hand. With the masterly aid of the greatest of all philosophers, Plato, we have here a work in philosophy which is thoroughly thought-provoking

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