A Materialist Revision of Maltese History 870-1919


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The history of the Maltese people has often been presented by historians as dramatic, tumultuous and eventful, but in reality it was also dark, depressing, miserable and bleak. There was literally no glory to be shared by the Maltese in the years scrutinised in this study. Living in poverty, illiteracy and total dependence on their patrons for survival and security, the Maltese people were unable to conceptualise a freedom which comes from one’s own independent will. Clerics had nearly absolute control over the Maltese and their mind, while the local elite had no interest whatsoever in contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the masses. The Maltese masses, who lived at subsistence levels, were simply viewed by their superior classes as a mass of men and women who worked and procreated only for the sake of conserving and reproducing the same kind of society they lived in. This is the history of the Maltese as it is, sans glorifying anecdotes and desperate attempts at hiding the true misery of the Maltese and their mind.

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