A Knight of St John

A tale of the siege of Malta


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Young Martin Trentall is eager to prove himself worthy of his knightly legacy. When his injured father summons him from across the seas, he gratefully escapes the comforts of England to take up his fight in the battles engulfing Europe. Outwitting enemy ships to reach his father’s side, it is not long before word of his bavery reaches the secretive Order and he is sought out for even greater challenges and adventure.

For it is 1565, and with the Ottoman armies execising their powers to the full, Malta is under siege and the great fortress of St. Elmo is on the brink of falling into infidel hands. Steely nerve and determination see the young knight through comba and capture, but with a French naval captain bent on revenge and the Turks sensing victory in sight, can his courage bring new life to St. Elmo and the Knights of the Order of St John.

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