A Bird’s Eye View of The Great Siege

In respectful memory of George Calleja (1956-2015) a true champion of Maltese History


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This book, although fictional in nature, is based on real events that happened during the Great Siege.

The story follows different personalities which took part in the Great Siege. Some of these like Lippu and his father, Ali the Janissary, the slaves Hulus, Nebi, Nicola and Maria, are fictional. The rest really existed and participated in the Great Siege. To help you read this book, we have Falco, a peregrine falcon.

Each episode is followed by an activity. All activities are directly related to the Great Siege and are based on historical sources.

This workbook is part of the exhibition 1565:  The Great Siege of Malta that was put up at the Grand Masters Palace in Valletta between the 4 September and 6 December 2015

Join Falco and get to meet the protagonists of the Great Siege !

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