Karmenu Baldacchino

Born at Zejtun on the 12 November 1945, Baldacchino was brought up in Paola only a stone’s throw away from the Schreiber Sports Ground. This could not but effect his life and from a very early age, he showed a great love for football.  He received his education at St Joseph’s Technical School and the Technical Institute, Paola.  After serving with the RAF for five years, Baldacchino worked for a number of years as a design draughtsman with local contracting companies on local and international contracts.  In 1976 he joined the Education Department as an instructor and taught electrical engineering until he retired in 2006.

After trying his luck as a footballer with very moderate success, he decided instead to write about Maltese football history.  Early sessions at the National Library convinced him from the start that Maltese Football has a story all of its own.  He was soon engrossed in his work and what started merely as a thing of reference soon grew into an obsession, resulting in the history of Maltese football which has been hailed both locally and abroad as one of the monumental works of the history of football.

In 2008 Baldacchino showed his versatility when he published the first of two books about the 120 year old mystery of Jack the Ripper. The second volume was published in 2011.

Baldacchino published hundreds of articles in local newspapers and magazines of local football.  His work is being used extensively by students of anthropology at the Universityof Malta and has been quoted in papers and other works on the subject both locally and abroad.

Books (Football)

(1989)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 1, The Golden Age of Maltese Football

(1990)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 2, The Great Amateur Era

(1991)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 3, Glory and Upheaval

(1993)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 4, The Post-War Period

(1994)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 5, The Coming-of-Age of Maltese Football

(1997)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 6, The Last Days of the Empire Stadium

(2005)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 7, From Gzira to Ta’ Qali

(2005)  Goals, Cups, and Tears,  Vol 8, Football at the end of the Century

(1986) Pawla Wolves Sports-Klabb 1932-1986

(1999) Kullana Kulturali  Vol. 7

(1999) Il-Klabbs Maltin tal-Futbol Vol.1

(2000) Il-Klabbs Maltin tal-Futbol Vol.2

(2001) Il-Klabbs Maltin tal-Futbol Vol.3

(2003) Hibs, The Story of Hibernians FC

(2004)  Hundred of the Best   

(2008) Great Moments in Football

(2010) Goal, The Official Encyclopaedia of the Malta Football Association   
    Volume 1, The Early Years (1800-1922)

(2011) Goal, The Official Encyclopaedia of the Malta Football Association   
    Volume 2, The Era of the Empire Stadium (1922-1936)
Books (Criminology)
(2008) Il-Qattiel tal-Prostituti Jack the Ripper
(2011) Il-Maħbuba ta’ Jack the Ripper

Series of Articles
Windows Through History                   Sunday Times    1991-1993
Episodji mill-istorja tal-Futbol Malti    Saghtar    1991-1997
Maltese Footballers    The Times    1991-1994
Shadows from the Past    The Times          1994-

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