Joseph Sultana

Joseph is one of the new faces on the Maltese literature field. He started to write short stories at the age of 10 and has several unpublished works waiting in line. His debut came in September 2010, when at 28 years old, he successfully published his first book entitled Misteru Ark-Anum. His main interest concerns mostly on plots that are heavy on mystery, suspense, wordplay, twists and drama, with a pinch of humour.

The author is a dedicated fan of Agatha Christie (whom he admits has had a big influence on his work and occasionally mentions her in his books) and Stephen King. Lately he also became absorbed in Dan Brown’s and J K Rowling’s works falling in love with their writing techniques and narration style. Furthermore he’s also influenced by the work of Maltese author Anton Grasso, although he tries to avoid too much negativity when writing.

A motto he created for himself is: ‘A story without a twist sometimes is like a cake without cream.’ Joseph is dedicated to his passion and makes his best effort in creating a story so efficient that he keeps readers glued to the book. He hates “boring” moments throughout the narrative and won’t waste a lot of time on “romantic breaks” since his target is to keep the blood boiling and nerves as tense as possible. In his own words: ‘As long as I’ve a great twist at the end, I’ll do whatever it takes to build an appropriate story around it, sometimes spending weeks, or even months, to put all the pieces together. My biggest delight is to hear from readers that they were shocked by the ending and couldn’t stop reading.’

Joseph is Gozitan by birth but crosses to Malta several times. His other hobbies include reading, walking, swimming, internet surfing, watching movies and meeting new people. He’s the youngest of 3 children, having two sisters older than him living in Gozo and New York.

Future plans include the continuation of Misteru Ark-Anum (a long series which is becoming very popular with Maltese readers) and other novels that will be published sideways with the series.