John J. Borg

John J. Borg was born at Rabat on 28th February 1964. Studied in Malta and in Italy and in 1992 joined the ranks of the Museums Department, where he spent most of the time assisting the curator of Geology and Palaeontology at Ghar Dalam Cave and museum. In 2001 he moved from Ghar Dalam to the National Museum of Natural History, taking charge of the biological collections. An ecologist by training, John focuses his research on seabird biology and the ecology of micro mammals, particularly bats. Results from his research have been published in local and foreign peer reviewed journals.

John has also authored and co-authored the following publications;

The National Museum of Natural History – (Insight Heritage Guides, Midsea Books 2007)

Important Bird Areas of EU Importance in Malta – Co-authored with Joe Sultana (BirdLife Malta 2004)

The Ringer’s Manual –  Gauci, M., Gauci, C., Sultana, J., Borg, J.J., Raine, A. & Vassallo, J. (BirdLife Malta 2011)

The Breeding Birds of Malta – Sultana, J. Borg, J.J., Gauci, C. & Falzon V. (BDL/BirdLife Malta. 2011)

Nature in Gozo – Borg, J.J., E. Lanfranco and J. Sultana.– (BirdLife Malta 2007)

Apart from the natural history aspect, he is also interested in the history of the subject, especially Maltese naturalists of the 19thand early 20thCentury.  John is the Senior Curator responsible for the Natural History Section of Heritage Maltain charge of the National Museum of Natural History, Ghar Dalam and the Gozo Nature Museum.