Joe Vella Gauci

Joe Vella Gauci was born on 17 Junuary 1964, in Victoria, Gozo, Malta.  He studied Philosophy and Theology at the Sacred Heart Seminary in Victoria. Upon completion of his studies, he was ordained a priest in 1988.

After his ordination, he pursued further studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He was awarded a BA (Hons) in politics and Religious Studies in 1990, after just two years. This was followed a year later by a Masters in Oriental and African Religious Studies at the same prestigious scholarly institution of SOAS.

Between 1992-1996, he studied for a doctorate at Birmingham University.  He was awarded a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, the thesis being Christian – Muslim relations as a Topos in Maltese Historiography, Literature and Culture.  This publication constitutes the first volume: the second volume will ensue in due course – it proves we should not spend our lives lying on a bed of unexamined assumptions.

In 1991 he joined the editorial board of The Future of the Islamic World a quarterly magazine for strategic and geo-political studies: issues of the human congregation in the Islamic World, which is published by the Islamic World Studies Centre, Malta. In 2006 he was nominated as a member of the preparatory committee for the Arab-European Forum for Development and Dialogue.  In November 2008 he was commissioned by the Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS) to prepare a textbook on Christian Theology as part of the College’s programme MA in Comparative Philosophy: Islam and the West.

He has travelled extensively in the Arab world and has contributed several articles, including his publication in 1991 entitled: Islamic Law and Mixed Marriages in Malta.  The methodical creation of his innovative website ( is indeed a valid instrument by which the author projects a host of papers, research and other useful material into the public domain.  A much more efficient way of obtaining 100% utility from documents and papers which might otherwise have been left in the dimly lit drawers of libraries and research centres!

Presently, he is a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts (Department of Oriental Studies) within the University of Malta.  He is also engaged as a Distance Learning Tutor for MA Students at the Islamic College for Advanced Studies, University of Middlesex.

Dr Joe Vella Gauci is a versatile and energetic scholar who continues to accumulate academic experiences which have greatly enriched his life.