George E. Kissaun

George-E-Kissaun BDL BooksGeorge E. Kissaun was born in Sliema at the advent of World War II, on 24 June 1938. His whole family had to leave their residence in Sliema, when it became clear that Germany was going to pound Malta until it surrenders in 1941-42. The family took refuge in Attard and later transferred to Fleur-de-Lys in Birkirkara, before returning to Sliema at the beginning of 1945. He was educated at the Montessori Junior School and St Anthony’s private school in Sliema. At the age of eleven years, he sat and was successful in the Lyceum entrance examination and started his adult education at the Lyceum in Ħamrun. He transferred to Valletta in 1953 for his final three years up to Sixth Form or “Sesta”, as it was popularly known.

His first job was as a Clerk at the General Retailers and Traders Union and then successfully started his short Government career, also as a Clerk. His Army career started after his mother refused his successful application to join the Royal Air Force for a commission in Her Majesty’s Services. George was commissioned in the British Army in 1962, an ambition that satisfied his mother’s traditions. In 1970, he was selected to join the Palace staff as Aide-de-Camp to the Governor General Sir Maurice Dorman and promoted to Captain in 1971. After his service at the Palace came to an abrupt end, he went on to pursue a highly successful career in aviation. His mentor was Rigas Doganis, a Professor at Cranwell University, well known for its aviation specialisation. George participated in very important conferences and spoke on General Aviation in Austria as it celebrated 25 years of flying since the first flights were permitted after the war. In 1984, he was appointed to the Administrative Board at the National Tourism Organisation Malta (NTOM), and also a member of the Air Terminal Committee. He was appointed Head of Administration and deputy Chief Executive at NTOM, and later head of the first Environment Department. George’s expertise saw him involved directly with the extension of the old Air Terminal and a member of the Committee that built the new Air Terminal. He served as Executive Secretary of the Airport Users Committee, and from 2005 to 2013 as Chairman of the Airport Council. His skills in financial and organisational matters saw him part of a team that built the dual carriageways and the University Complex Pool.

The final years in Government were mainly spent pursuing Systems Auditing, and he became Senior Internal Auditor until his retirement. Once he left the Public Service, he immediately tried his skill at Local Councils from which he retired in 2009. In 1998, he was invited to join the Single European Sky I team at Euro Control in Brussels, and carried on in the main team until Countries eventually signed the SES. George has been a non-paid Chairman of the International Air Rally of Malta for 50 years, an aviation event very close to his heart, and lived to see the General Aviation scene in all its branches flourish and move forward to the state it is today.