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Great communication & service

BDL kept me updated and the package was in perfect condition

Anthea C
November 5, 2018

Great service,no problems whatsover with

Great service,
no problems whatsover with my pre-order of a recently published book.

Thanks, surely would be using BDL for future orders.

Keep it up!

Mario Sant
November 5, 2018

Very satisfied

Delivery was very fast

Claudette Borg Carbone
November 5, 2018


Service is exceptional and better than ordering abroad. If necessary convenient to change delivery method. Both customer care/ lady who answered my call and delivery man are fantastic. Thank you. Already ordered again.

Clare Busuttil
November 5, 2018


It was the first time that I shopped online from BDL. Must say it was a splendid purchase. Great books & professional dispatch & delivery by courier. Thanks, will definitely be back for more of your books

Noemi Farrugia
November 1, 2018

Very good service

Very good service. Fast delivery

Miriam Cassar
October 30, 2018

Carve Malta on my Heart is a treasure trove of information.

What a surprise, I have read numerous books on Malta and WWII but this one had interesting relevant information that was never mentioned in the other books. I learned so much about how the process worked during the air raids, what the rationing was, the life styles, the Maltese populations resolve on living life during the years of daily and nighty air raids. How the Italians although the enemy by circumstances actually did Malta’s population favours which saved numerous lives. There is so much included in this book along with the true life experiences if the lives of the authors that I could not put it down.
I am so happy that I decided to read this book. What a truly well written down to earth engrossing book. I don’t believe the information was the intent of this book but it played an integral part of the stories.
Read it, you will be glad you did.

Lawrence Anastasi
October 27, 2018

Excellent service and communication!

Excellent service and communication. Lovely books with clear illustrations and easy to follow.

Lucia Fenech
October 25, 2018

I was very pleased with the order!

I was very pleased with the order and the receiving of the books!

October 25, 2018

Gr8 service

Order arrived in no time by post…books arrived in good condition and as per description thank you

Diane Parnis
October 24, 2018

Excellent service and prices!

I found BDL online shopping to be easy, cheaper than other bookshops and the service! I ordered the books in the morning, and on the same day they were delivered! Exceptional! Will definitely buy again.

Charmaine Barbara
October 24, 2018

Great Service as always!!

Great Service as always!! Fast delivery.

Luciano Schembri Agius
October 23, 2018

Great and efficient service.

Great and efficient service. Keep up the good work!

Silvana Ciappara
October 22, 2018

Purchase of Bilingual Texts (English/Maltese)

I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to going through the books with my son.

Pauline Thomasson
October 21, 2018

Fantastic Service

Dear Sirs,
Please accept my sincere compliments. My online order for three books was executed in record time. It was delivered to my home within 24 hrs. Truly WOW! What was also striking was the user friendly way to place the order. I hardly ever use the word Paragon but your overall service deserves this word.
Thank you.
Louis Farrugia

Louis Farrugia
October 18, 2018

Books for Personal Use

I’ve used BDL Books a couple of times and can only speak very highly of them.
Excellent communication with emails acknowledging my order and then again to say it’s been dispatched.
Delivery was very quick as well, well done!

Paul Black
October 15, 2018

Super effecient

Very happy with BDL Books, super efficient and extremely helpful from start to finish. I ordered books in Maltese for my teenage daughter online. Not sure what to get, they guided me, suggested titles and authors. Fast delivery by post. Will be ordering again!

Anne Grima
October 8, 2018

Super happy and will definitely buy again!


Book arrived when expected and condition is perfect… The book had a few pages without printing, however they replaced my book immediately… Super happy and will definitely buy again, since books from BDL are quite good!

Emmanuel Camilleri
October 4, 2018

Great books, great service, prompt delivery.

I have now purchased several books from BDL, some of them very expensive publications and without hesitation I would say they are one of the best if not the best book distributors I have had the pleasure to deal with. The books are well packed for delivery and most of the time are received within a couple of weeks, this is excellent timing as we live in Australia. Also the range of subjects and publications is excellent, if you love reading there is a book for every occasion even in languages other than English. Keep up the good work. I will be placing orders for more books in the future. Hope publications that are currently out of print will become available soon, and being on a waiting list is a great idea.

Anthony Portelli
September 20, 2018

Very great service

Very great service

Tammy Camilleri
September 17, 2018

Fast, Convienient and Choice of Books

Thank you for the service and I found Easipik an excellent service while finding reading topics of my choice.

Mario Victor Attard
September 14, 2018

Usual Excellent Service

I am occasional buyer from BDL of books published in Malta that are difficult to obtain in the UK. They offer a very wide selection and if the do not have the book you are interested in list on their website, they will try their best to obtain it. Orders are well-packed and dispatched promptly – a very professional service and a pleasure to deal with.

Neil Rennoldson
September 9, 2018

Very happy with the books

Very happy with the books and delivery.

Silviya Gluhova
September 9, 2018

Excellent service! The best online

Excellent service! The best online book shop and offers a great customer care service! Well done!

A. Grech
September 7, 2018