Treasures of Malta Summer 2017, Vol. XXIII, No. 3


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  • Olof Fredrick Gollcher: The heart and soul of Palazzo Falson
  • Palazzo Falson: Ten Years Young
  • Olof Fredrick Gollcher and the International Institute for Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Antique Silver at Palazzo Falson
  • A Favourite Painting at Palazzo Falson
  • The O.F. Gollcher Art & Archaeological Foundation and Palazzo Falson
  • The Tale of a Fan
  • Captain Gollcher’s Collection of Furniture
  • Melitensia Curios
  • Il-Maltija – The Maltese National Country Dance
  • The Carpet Collection
  • The Watch Collection
  • The Collection of Arms and Armour of Olof Gollcher: Reviewing the collection twenty years later
  • Palazzo Falson’s Coin Collection
  • The Coats of Arms in the Sale Nobili of Palazzo Falson

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