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Wirt iż-Żejtun has herewith the pleasure of publishing the proceedings of the fourth symposium. The central theme of this fourth biennial symposium is the Maltese village.

The traditional urban settlements have been transforming organically since their origin; however, it was in the past few decades following World War II, that such change became exponential and at times beyond control. The recent economic growth of our country, at levels possibly never experienced before, with a  flourishing construction industry, the effects of which can evidently be seen and felt throughout the island, was the catalyst for the choice of theme. It was felt opportune to talk now about the Maltese village, in order to create more awareness of the need to conserve what is left of the urban and architectural characteristics of our old villages. If one understood the values enshrined within our old villages, one could take advantage of the current economic growth to direct public and private finance towards the conservation of these values and the restoration of these cultural assets. On the other hand, economies of scale could easily take over what we have, if these assets are not appreciated as heritage which was handed over to us to take care of and to pass on to future generations.

Wirt iż-Żejtun is gladly sharing this researched information, whilst hoping it can help in saving what remains of the Maltese village.

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