SOK Systems of Knowledge: A multidisciplinary approach


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The name SOK (Systems of Knowledge) was chosen to serve as a slightly ironic gesture of homage to the then just newly-born internet.

On the one hand, tribute was being duly paid to the truly revolutionary impact which, as it was already then possible to anticipate, the massive outgrowth of virtual reality would have upon all levels of knowledge -transmission. On the other hand, SOK was meant to be an attempt, however puny, to help students respond positively to electronic networking, i.e. hopefully without losing awareness that they were creatures of flesh-and-blood, bodily and solidly grounded in a sensorially-perceptible physical world

There are, in fact, two sets of interconnections that need to be made as conditions for a critical and creative response to the majestic advent of the Age of Information Technology.

The first set is between the different areas of study into which necessary specialization fragments empirical reality. Realizing that there are vital links between the arts and the sciences as also between nature and culture is one way to recapture the sense of the unity of the planet and of the universe we still all personally inhabit together.

The second set of interconnections is between the world outside ourselves and the existential self-positioning of each individual within it, i.e. values. SOK is not the super enrichment of the standard curriculum with yet another subject, but merely the bringing into the open of the otherwise dangerously hidden locial and ethical network uniting all (including self) knowledge.

Rev. Professor Peter Serracino Inglott

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