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Number Wise is a collection of mathematics textbooks and workbooks specifically designed to cater for all the years of primary education. The series is produced by a team of Maltese primary teachers using the local context, making it specific and relevant for Maltese children. The contents are easy to follow with clear explanations and examples based on the National Curriculum Framework.

The series explores the four strands of Mathematics: Number, Measurement, Space and Shape and Data Handling presenting situations and problems that the pupils themselves may encounter during their development. This promotes reasoning, logical thought and critical skills in an environment they can easily relate to.

The CPA approach, particularly in the early years, helps children learn by using concrete material, pictorial and visual aids.

The series is complemented with Number Wise RAP which is a collection of revision assessment papers to help students reinforce what they have learnt. Number Wise RAP is supported with online podcasts for aural mental test questions.

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