Maltese for Foreigners – Audio Dual USB


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Specifications: SanDisk USB 16GB 16G Ultra Dual On The Go OTG Flash Drive
Listen to Native Maltese Speakers Reading this Series
You can purchase this series’ companion USB for an additional cost and listen to each dialogue or Maltese words or phrases in standard Maltese being read by native speakers. The USB is saved in an MP3 format so it can be played on a computer. It contains the audio files linked to the books in the series Maltese for Foreigners:
Level A1
1.     My First 750 Words in Maltese, Gutenberg Press, (2013);
2.     Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context, Gutenberg Press, (2013);
3.     Speaking Maltese, Gutenberg Press, (2013);
The USB also contains the audio files of the Maltese-Italian version of this level:
1. Le mie prime 750 parole in maltese, (2018)
2. Grammatica maltese essenziale e contestuale 1, (2018)
3. Parlo maltese 1, (2018)
Level A2
1.    More Words in Maltese, BDL Publishing, (2015);
2.    Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context 2, Gutenberg Press, (2016);
3.    Speaking Maltese 2, Gutenberg Press, (2013);
Level B1
1.     Further Words & Expressions in Maltese, BDL Publishing, (2015).
2.     Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context 3, Gutenberg Press, (2017);
3.     Speaking Maltese 3, Gutenberg Press, (2016);
4.     Reality, Gutenberg Press, (2013)
5.     Rocco learns karate, Gutenberg Press, (2013);
Maltese for Special Purposes
1.    Medical Words & Phrases in Maltese, Gutenberg Press, (2015);
2.    Speaking Medical Maltese 1, Gutenberg Press, (2015);
3.    Speaking Medical Maltese 2, Gutenberg Press, (2016).
The USB also contains the syllabi of this series.
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