An Amateur’s view of the origin of the Indo-European Languages and Peoples


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“As the ica age came to an end…the hunting men of the south came drifting northwards…with their flint arrows and spears in pursuit of game…Homo sapiens had entered upon his long struggle with nature. He learned to spin (and) to weave…Gradually the hunter acquired the art….of farming, so that thousands of years before te dawn of history a peasantry was settled upon the soil of Europe…Into this passive civilization of scattered huts and villages there was injected somewhere in the course of the second millennium before Christ a new and disturbing force. Out of hither Asia…there streamed a people who had tamed the wild horse to the use of man and had found in the use of iron the convincing secret of the slashing sword…They are called by philologists Indo-Europeans or Aryans.”

H.A.L. Fisher “A History of Europe”

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