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A Complete Computing Course is aimed at familiarising readers with one of the most important human creations, which has become an indispensable tool : The computer. Being used by people coming from all walks of life, the computer helps to maximise work efficiency when compared to the time consuming jobs of the past.

There was never such an idea as ‘let us build a computer’. The concept has evolved through time and it is a collective effort. This is evident from the first attempt at inventing mechanical counting machines, centuries ago, to today’s widespread use of microtecnology.

The book takes the reader on a journey through time, before explaining in a clear and concise style the scientific aspect of a computer. All theoretical concepts are supported by real-life examples, 1100 illustrations and diagrams, and a very helpful glossary of terms.

All this makes the 2011 edition of ‘A Complete Computing Course‘ wholly accessible to those students who intend to sit for the SEC ‘O’ level as well as those students who are following ICT syllabus. Moreover, this edition enables students and adults, interested in Computing and ICT, to enrich their knowledge by gaining detailed information, which is more advanced than ‘O’ level.

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