60th Anniversary of the Malta Historical Society A Commemoration


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“When the Malta Historical Society was founded in April 1950, the founder-members approved its first statute – duly published in the first issue of Melita Historica in 1952 on pages 56-7 – and stated, among its aims, that “The aim of the Society shall be the study of the History of the Maltese Islands, and the diffusion of its knowledge” and that “The Society shall undertake the publication of research work on Maltese History.” Throughout its sixty years of existence, the Society’s statute has been amended a number of times but the just-mentioned main aims of the MHS have remained enshrined verbatim within it because they are the principal reasons for its foundation.

It stands to reason that, to celebrate its Diamond Jubilee, the Society embarked, among other activities, on the publication of this book which is replete with “research work on Maltese History” aimed at “the study of the History of the Maltese Islands and the diffusion of its knowledge.” No meaningful celebration would have been consistent with the stated reasons for the existence of the Society without the publication of a commemorative book of academic standard that will live on through time when other more worldly celebrations will, most probably, be forgotten as the years roll on”.

Joseph F. Grima – Editor

“One of the great merits of the present publication is its healthy mix of established and emerging historians. The papers cover a wide bracket of history-related subjects that, in their different approaches, collectively and individually make a very valid contribution to Maltese studies. It is a book that does credit to the scholarly traditions of the Malta Historical Society and has the necessary credentials of a work of reference.”

Mario Buhagiar – President, MHS

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